Kalyi Jag: Fekete Tűz

3.500 Ft



1 Slow song from Szatmár (2´16′)
What’re you looking for, brother
2 Rolled song from Szatmár (2´30′)
Make way, children
3 Slow rolled song from Szatmár (2´27′)
Our daughter-in-law was fair
4 Slow song from Szekszárd (2´50′)
May God be lucky
5 Rolled songs from Szekszárd (4´49′)
a) Follow me, girl
b) I’ve had a new cart made
6 Cavity (oral bass) improvisations (2´08′)
7 Rolled song from Szabolcs (1´49′)
The band played till the morning
8 Transdanubian slow song (1´40′)
What do I need that much money tor
9 Rumanian Gypsy dance from the Balkans (2´36′)
10 Dance song from Nagyecsed (2´10′)
For forty-two nights
11 Fanny (3´22′)
Composed by Gusztáv Varga
12 Slow song from Szatmár (2´18′)
What’s my young life
13 Rolled song from Nyírbátor (1´59′)
14 Stick dance tune from Szatmár (2´20′)
As many girls there were
15 Rolled song from Nagyecsed (1´37′)
The duck goes in the water
16 Transdanubian slow song (1´53′)
Mother, mother
17 Rolled song from Nyírvasvári (3´42′)
Her soul is
18 Slow song from Nyírvasvári (1´53′)
Why should my mother die
19 Rolled dance song (2´17′)
I have a pipe and a hat

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