Grajcie Dudy Grajcie Basy – Polish Folk Music 2LP / VINYL

4.000 Ft



Region Of Mazowsze
A1Oberek With Couplets
A2The Oberek
A3Oberek With Couplets
A4The Polka
A5Oberek With Couplets
A6Oberek From Osmolin
Region Of Kurpie
A7Who’s Making The Noise In The Larder?
A8Open The Door, Don’t Let Us Stand Here
A9Mary, Don’t Stand Like A Pole
A10I’ve Been In The Church
A11Go, Stanley, God Speed You
Region Of Masuria And Warmia
A12Play Me A Szot
A13The Wolf Is Here And The Goat Is Out
A14Our Mother Catherine Has Burned Father’s Nose
Border Of Ziemia Lubuska And Wielkopolska Regions
B1Walking Dance
B2I Had A Beautiful Boy
B3I Was In Ihe Garden And Made Three Wreaths
B4The Moon Is Shining And I Am Happy
B5If You Knew How I Love Sunday
B6Hey, Boys, Where Are You Coming From
B7The Wisielok Dance
B8The Wiwat Dance
B9The Round Dance With Couplet
Region Of Wielkopolska
B10The Wiwat Dance
B11The Polka
B12The Oberek
B13You Need A Help, Girl, Not To Stand With Boys In The Night
B14Go To The Water, Geese
B15On This Side Of The Lake A Fish Is Drinking Water
B16If You Don’t Like My Singing
B17The Wiwat Dance With Couplet
B18Round And Round
Region Of Kaszuby
B19Bazuna Signals
B20The Koseder
B21On This Side Of The Lake A Girl Is Drowning
B22The Tabacznik Polka
B23The Shepherd
Region Of Opoczno
C1I’m Digging Potatoes And Beets
C2The Oberek With Couplets
C3The Oberek
C4The Polka
Region Of Opole Silesia
C5The Drake And The Gander Dances
C6Walking Dance
C7The March
Silesian Beskid Highland
C8Shepherd’s Tune
C9Tell Me Darling
C10I Am Longin For My Mountains
C11The Linder Dance
C12Crazy Polka
Podhale Highland
C13Highlander’s Tunes
Region Of Bilgoraj
D1Mammy, Don’t Wake Me Up In The Morning
D2Something To Listen To
D3The Suwany Dance
D4The Oberek
D5The Polka
Region Of Rzeszow
D6The Slow Dance
D7The Polka
D8Walking Dance
D9The Tramelka
D10The Suwana Polka
D11The Krzyzak Dance With Couplets
Region Of Nowy Sacz
D12Walking Dance
D13The Krakowiak
D14The Polka
D15The Tramel-Polka
D16Crazy Polka
D17The Krakowiak

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