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Reggae & ska: The early years 1960 - 1962 / 4CD Box Napi akció: 3900.-Ft helyett 2000.-Ft

2 000 Ft
Jazz / 4 CD box
Jazz / 4 CD box - CD borító
Cikkszám: RGMCD274
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4 CD:

CD 1
1. Laurel Aitken Boogie Rock
2. Byron Lee And The Dragonaires Dumplins
3. The Jiving Juniors Lollipop Girl
4. The Jiving Juniors Dearest Darling
5. Derrick Morgan Fat Man
6. Owen Gray Cutest Little Woman
7. Laurel Aitken Jeannie Is Back
8. Duke Reid Group What Makes Honey
9. Lynn Hope Shocking
10. Duke Reid Group Joker
11. Hank Marr Tonk Game
12. Errol Dixon & The Blue Beats (2) Midnight Train
13. Byron Lee And The Dragonaires Mash! Mr Lee
14. The Wiggans Rock Baby
15. Folkes Brothers Carolina
16. Titus Turner Miss Rubberneck Jones
17. Clancy Eccles River Jordan
18. The Jiving Juniors Over The River
19. Neville Esson Lover's Jive
20. Laurel Aitken Bar Tender
21. The Charmers Lonely Boy
22. Owen Gray Sinners Weep And Mourn
23. Bobby Kingdom Honey Please
24. Girl Satchmo Satchmo's Mash Potato
25. Errol Dixon Mama Shut Your Door

CD 2
1. Cecil Byrd And Sir Dee's Group Ba Ba Black Sheep
2. Laurel Aitken Nursery Rhyme Boogie
3. Eric "Monty" Morris Humpty Dumpty
4. Roland Alphonso Hully Gully Rock
5. The Blues Busters Donna
6. Rico Rodriguez Luke Lane Shuffle
7. Buster's Group Little Honey
8. Roland Alphonso Mean To Me
9. Clue J. & The Blues Blasters Little Willie
10. Derrick Morgan Shake A Leg
11. Roland Alphonso Green Door
12. J E Stick* With Drumbago All Stars Boss Girl
13. Derrick And Patsy Let The Good Times Roll
14. Sir Dee's Group With K. Brown Hey Diddle Diddle
15. Clancy Eccles Freed
16. Monty & The Cyclones Lazy Lou
17. Laurel Aitken Mighty Redeemer
18. Azzie Lawrence & The Melobeats So Far Apart
19. Arthur "Duke" Reid Pink Lane Shuffle
20. The Bubbles (3) The Wasp 0
21. Prince Buster They Got To Come
22. Prince Buster These Are The Times
23. Girl Satchmo Twist Around The Town
24. Errol Dixon Bad Bad Woman
25. Theophilus Beckford Walking Down King Street

CD 3
1. Owen Gray On The Beach
2. Prince Buster One Hand Washes The Other
3. Prince Buster Time Longer Than Hope
4. Owen Gray Millie Girl
5. Bobby Aitken Never, Never
6. Higgs & Wilson How Can I Be Sure
7. Owen & Millie Sit And Cry
8. Lloyd Clark Good Morning
9. Derrick Morgan In My Heart
10. Prince Buster My Sound That Goes Around
11. Owen Gray Lonely Days
12. Eric "Monty" Morris Pack Up Your Troubles
13. Laurel Aitken Lucille
14. Roland Alphonso Four Corners Of The World
15. The Charmers Crying Over You
16. Prince Buster Independence Song
17. Arthur "Duke" Reid Twelve Minutes To Go
18. Laurel Aitken Sixty Days And Sixty Nights
19. Lloyd Robinson Give Me A Chance
20. Basil Gabbidon Independence Blues
21. Owen Gray Pretty Girl
22. Eric "Monty" Morris Over The Hills
23. Derrick & Lloyd Love Me And Leave Me
24. Eric "Monty" Morris Seven Long Years
25. Derrick Morgan Joy Bells

CD 4
1. Jimmy Cliff I'm Sorry
2. Busty & Cool Mr Policeman
3 . Laurel Aitken Mabel
4. Ruddy And Sketto ABC Boogie
5. Laurel Aitken Weary Wanderer
6. Ruddy And Sketto Summer Is Just Around The Corner
7. Ruddy And Sketto Little Schoolgirl
8. Al T. Joe Independence Time Is Here
9. Owen Gray Patricia
10. Derrick Morgan Teach Me Baby
11. Roland Alphonso Back Beat
12. Derrick Morgan The Hop
13. The Continentals (3) Give Me All Your Love
14. Derrick Morgan Forward March
15. Derrick Morgan Cherry Home
16. Jimmy Cliff Miss Jamaica
17. Errol Dixon Morning Train
18. Derrick And Patsy Housewife's Choice
19. The Blues Busters Behold
20. Jimmy Cliff I'm Free
21. The Hi-Tones Going Stead
22. Owen Gray Midnight Track
23. John Holt I'll Stay
24. Bob Marley Judge Not
25. Bob Marley One Cup Of Coffee